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1 Another high street chain into administration! on Mon Apr 25, 2016 12:30 pm


Looks like B.H.S has had it, been anounced today the are going into receivership......and our lass has to find out on the radio! angry Its a shame because her store has always made money and were told recently they should be safe but obviously not! No


just been listening to it on the radio , not nice for her to find out like that , but from what I can work out the stores are dated and what they sell is over priced compered to the other budget stores around confused

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Yeah! can't really argue with that Dave But in Sue's store customer service is very highly promoted and its a shame because she likes her job, is good at it (its not just standing at a till, as in anyones job there is a whole raft of skills unseen by the public) and she has always given 110% ..........But every cloud has a silver lining and I wont be struggling for a dog sitter when my bike is calling! thumbs hide


sorry to hear that Mike - hopefully she'll be able to get another job soon but the way they announced it was out of order.

Marie had a Saturday job at BHS many moons ago.



not good mike.

tbh the bhs stores down here i always though were dear for what they sold and Christmas time were a right mess.

but this is proof that the internet is killing the highsteet stores.


Think that about sums it up Chad! Although my wife was in charge of the Christmas department setup in her store and did a bloody good job but she has a lot of pride in her work and was complmented on the display. Just another casualty if our economic climate at the moment. confused


That's bad news for you dude :-/

Hopefully her skills and experience will put her at the front of the others now looking for retail jobs.


Macie_UK wrote:That's bad news for you dude :-/

Hopefully her skills and experience will put her at the front of the others now looking for retail jobs.

Thank you! She's having it rough at the moment customers being really nasty, don't know how she smiles and carries on with some of the sh censored t she has put up with this week. Some people are just plain nasty angry anyway you never know whats round the corner and hopefully she will find something else or stay at home....i dont mind! thumbs


never mind m8 I'm sure your lass will find something, but your right some people are just ignorant and nasty.

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